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    Hello, everyone! We've added a new feature to The Lower World in hopes of streamlining how you display your writing and comment on other members' writing. We've called it the Storybook.

    You'll find the Storybook right next to the Characters tab. The home page is looking a bit bare now, but we hope that will change as it's filled with your writing (and possibly as we figure out how the darn thing works ;)).

    In this post, we will explore THE CATEGORIES, HOW TO CREATE AN ARTICLE, and HOW TO ADD A PAGE TO AN EXISTING ARTICLE. More tutorials will be added as the need arises!

    • SERIALS: Serials are stories that are regularly updated, such as journals and explorations of backstory.
    • SHORT STORIES: These are drabbles, characters studies, vignettes, or anything other writing that can be read in a sitting -- and which can stand on its own!
    • POETRY: Just what it says on the tin. All poetry is welcome -- OOC and IC!
    • WRITING PROMPTS: Responses to our bi-weekly writing prompts. You can submit your responses directly to appropriately dated sub-category, or you can create a portfolio of your own (arranged by character, user, etc)!
    1. Click on 'CREATE ARTICLE.'
    2. Select the category that best fits the content that you wish to upload.
    3. Fill in ALL THE FIELDS (or just the ones that you feel like filling in at that moment). Here are some brief descriptions of the most important ones:
      • TITLE: Self explanatory! Please be sure to tag your content as either "NSFW" or "SFW."
      • TAGS: Assign tags to your writing in order to help other users find similiar content -- and to organize things for yourself!
      • ARTICLE LISTING PREVIEW: Here, write a short summary of your story/poem/etc. If you do not provide a summary, the site will automatically generate one for you.
      • ARTICLE: The good stuff. This is where your actual writing goes!
      • PUBLISHING OPTIONS: You can choose to save your writing as a draft, publish it immediately, or publish at a specified date.
    4. Hit 'CREATE ARTICLE,' sit back, and enjoy!

    Useful for serials, or for keeping other related content together!

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that the first article page will always be called "Article Overview" in navigation. If you'd rather have a unique title for your first page, please use the original article page for a description/forward, and start your journal/story/etc on the next page!
    1. Navigate to the article that you wish to update.
    2. Mouse over 'ARTICLE TOOLS' near the right bottom corner of the article. [​IMG]
    4. Click on 'CREATE NEW ARTICLE PAGE.'
    5. Fill in whatever fields you think necessary! Display order will update automatically with every new page created.
    6. Make sure to select the ARTICLE PAGE STATE that you want! It's set to DRAFT - VIEWABLE BY AUTHOR ONLY by default.
    7. Submit!


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